Revolutionizing building process to provide a new paradigm in habitation.

Printed Architecture is a project of firm founded in 2014 focused on developing innovative building process.
We design new methods, models, and applied technology geared to the application in architecture of additive manufacturing, also commonly known as 3D printing technology.
The primary purpose of Printed Architecture is to develop 3D printed building components to accomplish the goal of getting a viable commercial rapid habitat fabrication system at very low cost, fully sustainable, and ready to use for a broad range of needs.
These needs may range from; initially for basic habitation, for rapid deployment in emergency situations, for sheltering purposes in oil&gas and/or mining industries, or to be used in extreme environments, like desert and polar zones, or even to be utilized for off-earth habitation in space.

Project  Status
High Tech / High Risk Project, status "On Hold", waiting for seed funding. Going from design stage to prototype model. U.S. Patent pending.

Project Description
Many prefabrication systems have been proposed that passed standard test of every type with better results than conventional ones. From such experience we now have several mixed systems including those based on the introduction of plastics, generated from the oil industry.  For all the above reasons we need to develop holistic concepts that can face the current challenges by introducing more advanced technologies but also addressing other challenges.
The proposed concept is revolutionary and may change the rules of the game of the construction industry as well as minimize the ecological footprints generated. 

Media and Press Release Kit (in development)
Strategic Partner and Investor Brochure (in development)

André Caminoa, Co-Founder. Architect by University of Buenos Aires 2002, space architecture researcher and entrepreneur.
Giorgio Gaviraghi, Co-Founder. Architect by Milan Polytechnic 1968, project manager, real estate developer, space architect, and entrepreneur.

Join Printed Architecture 
Our team thrives on creative collaboration. With this amazing project on mind, we need the help of engineers, architects, designers, photographers, writers, illustrators, programmers and more to support our idea, work and proposal. We look forward to find the right talent on you.

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