Join Printed Architecture 
Our team thrives on creative collaboration. With this amazing project on mind, we need the help of engineers, architects, designers, photographers, writers, illustrators, programmers and more to support our idea, work and proposal. We look forward to find the right talent on you.
If you are interested in teaming up with us, please send us an email including: brief resume, samples of work (web link or PDF: smaller than 5MB please), and of course contact information. We're building a creative database of talent, and we want to be sure we can get in touch.
Say hello! this is a call for creatives and innovators!

For collaboration, media and business inquiries:
In U.S. and Europe please contact Giorgio Gaviraghi 
           phone:       (+ 39 33) 4271 4078
In Latin America please contact André Caminoa
           phone:       (+ 54 911) 5327 5985
           skype:        andre.caminoa
           twitter:       @andrecaminoa

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